Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tropical Storms? Huh?

I finally have internet at my place!  Sorry, I'm a bit overly excited but its been a pain having to drive to Dunkin' Donuts to do anything productive for the past month.  

Anyways, its been raining here like crazy for the past day and since Im stuck inside I figured I'd write a posting.  Apparently, a tropical storm named Nicole has come over South Florida.  Tropical storm?  Whats that?  We don't have those back in Chicago.  So the nerd in me did a little research to figure out what, in fact, a tropical storm actually is.  After my research, I found out its basically just a bad thunderstorm with really low pressure and cyclonic wind rotation in which, can then grow into a hurricane if weather conditions cooperate.  Pretty intense stuff huh?  Although, this tropical storm is pretty weak and just reminds me of a never ending thunderstorm.  Thats probably why they named it Nicole though...  Bad joke, sorry.

Then that got me to thinking, why in the world do they name tropical storms?  They don't name Tornado's or other natural disasters.  However, I do think it be cool to be in charge of naming the storms.  With my creativity and marketing background I'd probably be a phenomenal storm namer or, at least come up with a better name than "Nicole".  Thats so unoriginal.  

Anyways, I'm done rambling now.  Thanks for listening.


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