Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Didn't I Learn About Online Marketing In School?!

Hey everybody,

So after doing a bunch of research on social media, blogging, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaigns over the past few months, it dawned on me that I never learned any of this stuff in school.  Instead, my education was surrounded with the “Four P’s – product, price, placement, and promotion which is great and all but not very useful when it comes to online marketing.  So that got me thinking… How could a kid get a degree in marketing and not learn about any of these online tools that are so important in the marketing world today?  I mean, its not like I graduated twenty or even ten years ago when online marketing was in its infancy.  Instead I graduated in the May of 2009 when Social media was taking over the world.  And yet, still no class in online marketing. 

Now, I know that to understand a lot of online marketing it requires more hands on experience rather than just being educated on the subject in the classroom.  However, if I would have been educated with a class or two in online marketing I would have had a much better understanding of it, while also attempting my Google Adwords certification at 22 rather than being in the process of that certification now at age 24. 

Feeling like I’m two years behind where I should be is very frustrating but now I’m taking action and trying to learn as much about online marketing as I possibly can.  I hope this blog can contribute too much of my learning, and I’m already taking it a step further and creating Facebook and Twitter pages.  Having said that, I’ll keep you all updated on when Chicago 2 South Beach goes live on Facebook and Twitter.

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